ETRADE Demo Account

ETRADE Paper Trading (Practice) Account

2022 ETRADE demo account for paper trading. Power ETRADE (Pro) platform virtual money simulation account to practice trading stocks, options, and futures.

Does ETRADE Offer Paper Trading?

ETRADE has discontinued their paper trading service on both the ETRADE Pro and the Power ETRADE platforms. For a completely free virtual trading account, go to TD Ameritrade or learn about TD Ameritrade paper trading.

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Optionshouse by Etrade Virtual Trading

This service has been cancelled.

A sophisticated web-based trading platform is available to Optionshouse by Etrade clients without any frequent trader requirement. A nice feature of this platform is the ability to switch from the regular brokerage account to simulated trading. In this mode, investors can practice trading in the same platform without putting real money on the line.

The platform has many important features, such as charting, option research, market news, order entry, and strategy testing. The Java-based platform is user friendly and easy to learn. At the top of the platform screen is the account number. Clicking on the account number produces a drop-down menu where the user can switch to a practice account with $100,000 of fake money.

ETRADE Paper Trading

All of the same platform features in the real account are also available in the paper-trading account. This means that investors can practice day trading or the use of margin. The simulated platform can also be reset to $100,000 at any time. Paper-trading capability is a permanent feature of the platform, so Optionshouse by Etrade customers can always practice trading.

Conveniently, the broker also offers paper trading on its mobile app. After logging in, users can select paper trading. Clicking on the account number produces a menu where the simulated platform can be selected. All the regular app features are still available in the simulated version. Users can practice trading stocks, options, mutual funds, and ETFs with $100,000 of virtual money. Also available in the mobile platform is the use of margin and day-trading capability, two areas where traders often need some practice.

With Optionshouse by Etrade virtual trading you'll learn to trade or test your strategies — before you invest. Their virtual trading platform is built and tested by professional traders, and delivers the same professional-level tools, data and functionality as their live platform. With it you can:

  • practice your investing skills in a risk-free environment
  • test your ideas before committing your money
  • instantly see results of your virtual actions based on real-world results
  • take advantage of innovative idea generation and risk-management tools, including streaming charts and volatility assessment

Virtual trading is an equally great way for seasoned, veteran traders and for complete beginners to test new strategies. Opening account with Optionshouse by Etrade is free and takes about 10 minutes. If you decide you are ready to trade with real money, Optionshouse by Etrade offers $0 stock/etf commission and $0.65 per contract rate for options traders.

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Best Paper Trading Brokers Comparison

The primary advantage that paper trading on the thinkorswim platform has over Optionshouse by Etrade is that thinkorswim has forex trading, whereas OH does not. Many investors have little to no experience with forex and futures, so a practice account for those products is a major advantage. Due to the volatility and leverage of such products, investors should definitely practice trading futures and forex before committing real money. The vast majority of brokers don't have practice accounts for forex and futures, so TD Ameritrade has a unique advantage in this category.

The Optionshouse by Etrade platform is more simple and streamlined than thinkorswim. New investors who have little or no experience trading any products would probably do better on the OH platform. Thinkorswim has more features and is therefore more complicated and difficult to navigate.

One disadvantage of the thinkorswim desktop application is that users cannot switch between the standard trading system and paper-trading. With the mobile app, users can switch between the two trading accounts without having to log out and log back in. Optionshouse by Etrade's web-based trading platform and mobile app both have the ability to switch between accounts without logging out.

The thinkorswim mobile app has CNBC live steaming, chat rooms for education on the platform and discussions with other customers, and several ways to contact customers service. The OH mobile app unfortunately has none of these features. Novice traders would benefit from these features on the thinkorswim mobile platform.

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