401K Rollover Promotions (2024)

If you have old 401(k) plans that you would like to consolidate into one retirement account or want to move a 401(k) into a new broker, considering the promotions available can be a valuable step in the decision-making process. Here are some of our favorite offers.

Firstrade rating


Firstrade 401K Rollover Offer

401k rollover promotion: Get up to $250 in transfer fee rebate.

401k rollover promotion details: click for details.

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Charles Schwab rating

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab 401K Rollover Offer

401K rollover link: $0 commissions + satisfaction guarantee at Charles Schwab.

401K bonus details: click for details.

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M1 rating

M1 Finance

M1 Finance ira rollover bonus

401k rollover bonus link: Get up to $500 when you make a deposit in your new M1 account.

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Robinhood Trading rating


Robinhood IRA Rollover Bonus

401K rollover bonus link: 1% IRA match and up to $200 in FREE stock with Robinhood.

401K bonus details: click for details.

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Webull rating


Webull 401K Rollover Promotion

Promotion link: Up to 75 FREE fractional shares when you make a deposit at Webull.

401K rollover offer details: click for details.

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Wiser Advisor

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401K Bonus Details

The following brokerage firms are all top=rated and offer services and tools that help them stand out.


Moving a 401(k) to Firstrade has many benefits, and their $250 transfer rebate makes it even more attractive.

Firstrade's $250 bonus helps cover the fees that you might pay when moving your existing 401(k) to their platform. It's unlikely that your current broker would charge more than $250 for these transfer fees.

To get this bonus, you need to show Firstrade a copy of your brokerage statement after you open your account. This statement should list the ACATS fee, and Firstrade will reimburse you for the costs you incurred to move your IRA.

Another requirement to get this bonus is to keep at least $2,500 in your account for at least one year.

401K Rollover Promo

Reasons to Choose Firstrade

Firstrade is popular for many reasons. A big advantage of Firstrade is its wide range of investment options, allowing you to tailor your portfolio to meet your personal goals and strategies. Besides stocks and ETFs, they offer mutual funds, bonds, Pink Sheets, and complex options trades.

Another key benefit is their low trading costs. Firstrade is a commission-free broker, which means they don't charge fees for trading stocks, ETFs, options contracts, mutual funds, or over-the-counter securities. This is a significant saving because many brokers advertise as "commission-free" but still charge for these services.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab’s 401(k) rollover promotion offers new customers up to $1,000. To get this bonus, just open a new Schwab account and deposit money. The more you deposit, the bigger the bonus, up to $1,000.

Schwab’s bonuses are set at $100, $300, $500, and $1,000. To get these bonuses, you need to deposit at least $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, and $500,000, respectively.

Once you decide on the bonus you want, you can secure it by moving your 401(k) into your new Schwab account within the first 45 days after opening it.

Reasons to Choose Charles Schwab

There are many reasons to pick Schwab for your 401(k). Schwab is a big company with a long track record of reliable service. They offer lots of tools and services, such as advanced trading platforms, market research, a wide range of investment options, and various types of trading accounts.

On pricing, Charles Schwab doesn’t charge commissions for stock and ETF trades. Also, there are no monthly fees, no required minimum balances, and no inactivity fees.


Even though Robinhood is fairly new, its IRAs are gaining popularity, especially with its generous IRA match promotion.

The main offer is a 1% match on contributions, and it has some great benefits. First, the bonus doesn’t count towards your yearly contribution limit. Second, the match isn’t just for new contributions; it also applies to rollovers, including 401(k)s. Lastly, there’s no maximum limit on the bonus you can get from rolling over your 401(k) to Robinhood.

For bigger bonuses, Robinhood Gold members get a 3% match on all contributions and rollovers. The only difference between regular and Gold members is the bonus size. But remember, Robinhood Gold costs $5 a month, so make sure the cost doesn’t eat into your bonus.

Robinhood’s terms are simple. The money you use to get the 401(k) transfer bonus needs to stay in your account for at least five years.

401K Rollover Bonus

Reasons to Choose Robinhood

Investors who like things straightforward and easy to use while still having full control over their investments will like what Robinhood has to offer.

Robinhood lets you trade stocks, ETFs, and advanced options. It also has a handy spending account and tools for investing in cryptocurrencies.

If you use Robinhood Gold, Robinhood costs $5 per month. Without it, Robinhood is one of the cheapest platforms around.


Webull’s 401(k) rollover bonus gives you free fractional shares.

If you deposit up to $499.99 within the first 30 days of the promotion, Webull gives you three fractional shares. Depositing $500 to $24,999.99 gets you twenty fractional shares. If you deposit at least $25,000 into your Webull IRA account, you can get the biggest reward of 75 fractional shares.

Each share's value can be between $3 and $3000. If you deposit exactly $25,000 and each of the 75 fractional shares is worth $3, this is like getting a 0.9% bonus. But since not all stocks are worth $3, you can expect a good boost to your IRA with Webull's offer.

401k rollover promo

Reasons to Choose Webull

Webull hasn’t been around as long as firms like Charles Schwab, but it’s still a solid choice. Webull offers great charting tools and excellent mobile access. The platform works well across different devices, which is great for people who want to access their accounts anywhere without losing the features they need.

Updated on 7/1/2024.

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