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$3,500 Moomoo Promotion For 2022

Current Moomoo promotion code: 15 FREE stocks between $8 and $3,500. November 2022 best Moomoo bonus offer for opening new account or for existing customers depositing cash into regular broker trading account, ROTH IRA, or 401K rollover IRA.

Moomoo Promotion For Free Stocks

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Promotion Offers at moomoo

There are numerous promotional offers at moomoo and traders who are new to the broker, as well as those already trading at moomoo, can take advantage of them. The three main promotions are; an ‘account opening’ bonus, a deposit bonus, and a referral bonus.

Moomoo Account Opening Bonus

The account opening bonus provides new customers with a bonus between $3 and $350. The bonus comes in the form of a free stock and is credited to the new account directly after opening a valid brokerage account.

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Moomoo Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is another way that moomoo rewards its new customers. Moomoo is always coming up with new programs, so it is a good idea to double check the ‘current’ offer before making your first deposit.

The current offer a free stock from General Motors. When new account holders deposit $2,000 and keep a running balance of $2,000 for at least 30 days, moomoo puts the stock directly into the account within 10 days of triggering the bonus.

The moomoo Ambassador Program

The moomoo ambassador program is a referral program. Investors can invite friends, family, and anyone else to moomoo by sharing their unique referral code. Once the referrals join, the stockbroker awards the referrer with free stocks.

To help referrers succeed in their goal of promoting moomoo, the broker also offers the free stocks to the referred traders.

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Ambassador Levels

There are three levels of rewards for referrals at moomoo: LV1, LV2, and LV3. For each new ambassador level attained, the bonus increases. The ambassador level is determined by the number of new accounts created through a single referral link.

An important note about the referral bonus free stocks is that the reward is offered for each new account opened. So, if you are an ambassador level 3, you can expect to receive three new stocks for each new referral you bring in.

LV1 – The first level of the referral program is where everyone begins. After inviting one person, traders are at level 1. The referral bonus for LV1 ‘ambassadors’ is one free stock, valued between $8 and $3,500.

LV2 – The second level of the referral program is granted to anyone who has invited from 2-10 new customers to moomoo. The referral bonus for LV2 ambassadors is two free stocks, each valued between $8 and $3,500.

LV3 – The third level of the referral program is granted to anyone who has successfully invited 11 or more new traders to moomoo. Level 3 referrers at moomoo are given three stocks valued between $8 and $3,500.

Moomoo Promotion

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Moomoo Overview

If you are looking for a stockbroker with an excellent set of promotions, moomoo is a broker that you may want to consider.

The promotional offers at moomoo are especially good for anyone interested in free stocks, as there are multiple opportunities to get a trading portfolio started even before buying a first stock. Free stocks are offered for new account creation, funding a new account, and inviting friends and family to the broker.

Keep reading to learn more about the promotional offers as well as why you might wish to devote to your time and money to moomoo.

Notable Features

Before thinking about the promotions that a stockbroker offers, it is a good idea to decide if you are interested in the broker in the first place. Fortunately, there are many attractive features at moomoo, so it is an easy choice.

Here are some of the things that help moomoo stand out from the crowd.

Moomoo promo code

Market Insights

One of the ways that moomoo makes life a little simpler for investors is to provide a wealth of market data, news, trends, and more.

Market-specific data, such as Level II market data, company financials, analyst ratings, and more. It should be noted that Level II data comes at no additional cost to traders which is always a nice thing to see.

Additionally, the provided news feeds are streamed to investors 24/7, keeping traders up to date as global economic conditions and scenarios unfold. There is also a clever social aspect to the data provided, allowing investors to see which tickers are trending and what public opinion is suggesting.

Charting and Platform

Another feature that makes moomoo an attractive option is the mobile-focused nature of the broker. In today’s increasingly mobile-centric world, it is good for our brokers to respond to that reality.

Moomoo clearly understands this. The broker offers advanced charting and order placement on mobile that is simple to use and always easily accessible.

Fee Schedule

Following the example of the most popular brokers in the United States, moomoo offers commission-free trading in stocks, ADRs, and ETFs.

Market Access

Traders at moomoo have access to a range of tradable assets. Whether it’s a full listing of Hong Kong listed stocks, IPOs, ADRs, ETFs, or US stocks, the list of options is certainly extensive. Moomoo also keeps its doors open for the entire extended trading session, unlike a few of the other mobile-first brokers in the industry.

Moomoo Promotion Code Disclaimer

Moomoo incentive offer details for opening new brokerage or IRA account can change without notice.

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