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Current Public promotion code to get a FREE stock between $4 and $1,000. December 2020 best Public bonus offer for opening new account or for existing customers depositing cash into regular brokerage account, ROTH IRA, or 401K rollover IRA.

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Available nationwide, Public promotion offer allows you to earn free stock just for opening an account and depositing $1.

Public promotion code

Fractional Shares at Public

Do you want to buy some stock in Amazon but don’t have $2,400 to fork over? At Public.com you can buy Amazon stock with just $1. How is this possible? Here are the details:

Whole-Dollar Investing at Public

At the traditional brokerage firm, you purchase whole shares of stocks, like 100 shares or 87 shares. It’s not possible to buy 87.309 shares. But at Public, you can trade fractions of shares, including less than one share.

For example, instead of spending $264,100 for one share of Berkshire Hathaway (ticker symbol BRK.A), you could instead buy $5 worth of the stock, which would give you 0.0000189 shares.

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Behind the Scenes

Partial shares don’t actually trade on the stock exchange. They’re a service that broker-dealers offer their customers. What happens is that the broker keeps a whole share in its own account and credits your account with a partial share. Other customers who buy and sell the same stock get the same service. All the fractions add up to a total that the broker owes its clients.

A broker can pool all the fractions from its total customer orders and buy whole shares on the market. All shares of a given stock are kept in a pool. Your brokerage statement tells you how many of those you own.

When you buy or sell a fraction of a share, there’s a cash transaction based on the current market price, although a purchase or sale of a stock may not actually take place.

Of course, if you want to trade whole shares, you’re always free to do that at Public. Fractional-share trades have to be market orders. Whole-share trades can be market, limit, or stop orders.

Cost of Trading Fractional Shares at Public

Public charges nothing for trades of stocks and ETFs, either in whole shares or in whole dollars.

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Advantages of Whole-Dollar Investing

The big advantage of investing with whole dollars instead of whole shares is that you can invest a small amount on high-priced stocks. You can also dollar-cost average, which means to make periodic investments of whole dollars.

Disadvantages of Whole-Dollar Investing

The primary disadvantage of investing in fractional shares is that fractions of shares don’t pay dividends. So if you own 0.999 shares of Johnson & Johnson, you won’t receive a dividend, although the company does pay one.

As already noted, at Public you can’t use limit or stop orders on trades of fractional shares.

Public.com Promotion Code Disclaimer

Public.com incentive offer details for opening new brokerage or IRA account can change without notice.