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Sofi Invest Promotion and Bonus

2022 Sofi Invest promotions offers and codes. $1,000 Sofi Invest current friend referral, cash deposit, investment funding, IRA, new robo advisor managed account opening incentives.

Sofi Invest Promotion

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Sofi Invest Promotion Details

Download the free App and follow the onscreen instructions to create a free Active SoFi Invest Brokerage Account to obtain access to participate in the Promotion. Upon setting up your account, a Participant will have the opportunity to play by engaging an electronic claw to “grab” a game piece. Once “grabbed,” the Participant’s app screen will display a dollar amount on the game piece from the possible amounts identified in the section below, which will be converted to the Stock Bit (outlined below) of the Participant’s choosing, and deposited in the Participant’s Active SoFi Invest Brokerage Account (the “Prize”). If the Participant does not select a Stock Bit in which to invest the Prize amount identified in the game piece, the Sponsor will select a company to invest the Prize in for the Participant.

Sofi Invest Promotion

Components of a Great Broker

Great brokers are a minority in a growing pool of investment brokers offering services to US and international investors alike. A great broker is an entity the investors must entrust their financial future and possibly retirement with. Brokers who offer competitive rates and fees along with the service and reliability desired by the investor is something that cannot be passed up. There is a difference between good brokers and top of the line, great brokers. Great brokers are around to assist clients at a moment’s notice when markets will not wait, no matter the size of the client. Great brokers offer fees fair and relative to the services they provide to their clients. Then also great brokers provide next generation technologies that put the investor at the top of the pack of many other investors competing for the same goal. Finally, great brokers are transparent and have a mutual interest in helping the investor succeed and not just looking for a commission fee.

Why Sofi Invest is Great

Sofi Invest is one of those few brokers that fall into that great category. Every category discussed previously that makes a great broker, Sofi Invest excels in. Whether it is the phenomenal customer service, competitive fees, or industry leading technology, Sofi Invest has something to offer every investor from the beginner to the full-time professional trader. The beginner trader has learning options and education resources available for free, and when the investor wants to put the newfound knowledge to the test available is “paper trading”, which is essentially a test account with no real funds involved so strategies can be tested without risk. If a new trader is not very active Sofi Invest is one of the few brokers that does not implement an inactivity fee if the account is not utilized to a certain standard.

For advanced investors, the benefits are as abundant and arguably more so. From the state of the art platforms trades can be placed on, a mobile app, web browser, and proprietary trading platform thinkorSwim. All platforms offered by Sofi Invest are ranked number 1 by either Barron’s or, two of the most resourceful and credible sources for investing news.

Another aspect many investors should be taking into consideration when choosing a broker is the reliability and creditability of the organization itself. Sofi Invest is a publically traded company so all of their financials are available for the public to scour over and find flaws in if any are present. Offering brokerage services for over 40 years many investors big and small have entrusted their life savings to this reputable organization.

The range of investment products offered equals if not exceeds any other broker of this size and reputability. From equities, options and forex to cd’s and bonds Sofi Invest has desirable products for young aggressive traders to more seasoned investors looking for secure slower growing investment products.

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Sofi Invest Promotion Code Disclaimer

Soi Invest incentive offer details for opening new brokerage or IRA account can change without notice.

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