WeBull promotion 2022

WeBull Promotion Bonus 2022

Current WeBull promotion code: 12 FREE stocks up to $30,600. November 2022 best WeBull bonus offer for opening a new account, transferring account, or for existing customers depositing cash into regular brokerage account, ROTH IRA, or Traditional IRA.

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WeBull $30,600 Promotion Detail

The first promotion Webull offers is the 12 free stocks for creating an account on their trading platform and depositing $100. These stocks can be valued anywhere from $34 - $30,600. Currently, Webull has a special promotion going on reducing the deposit for a free stock to only $5! For this promotion, a customer can expect to receive their free stock after their deposit settles; usually about 5 business days.

WeBull Free Level 2 Promotion

As another promotion, Webull also offers all clients 3-months of complimentary access to a subscription of a premium data feed called Level 2 Advance. This data feed is powered by Nasdaq TotalView and gives their clients more in-depth information on current orders in the market to help make a more informed investment decision. While this promotion expires after 3 months of use, users have an option to access it for only $1.99/month. Webull used to charge $24.99/month for the same service so $1.99/month seems very reasonable.

WeBull Referral Incentive

Webull always offers a friend referral program giving the current investor and their friend each two stocks valued from $8 - $2,000. Currently, Webull is has a program called “Get 4 free stocks when your friend opens and account!” Like the title suggests, Webull is willing to do more than their willing promotional offer and provide the current client with 4 stocks valued between $3 - $300 just for having a friend use their referral link and signing up.

WeBull promotion code

These stocks can be held or sold in the clients brokerage account or the money can be withdrawn after just 30 days.

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WeBull Promotion For Existing Customers

Occasionally, Webull also changes up their deposit promotional offers. The broker has a program going on called their “Deposit Tier Promotion.” In this promotion they are offering up to 60 free stocks. Like the traditional free stocks offered, this promotion gives stocks valued anywhere from $8 - $2,000.

For a net deposit of $30,000-$99,000, Webull is offering 25 free stocks. At $8 - $2000 each, this can be valued anywhere up to $50,000. For a deposit of $100,000 - $249,999 Webull is offering 35 free stocks. Finally, with a deposit of $250,000+, Webull is offering 60 free stocks! 60 Free stocks can be valued at a total of $120,000!

One caveat is that this promotion is user targeted. What this means is that a user will NOT receive free stocks if they were not directly sent an email or notification to participate. This promotion, however, is important to consider as Webull does consistently change their promotions and may potentially one day offer the same benefits to anyone.

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Interesting Webull Features

Webull has an interesting feature that customers can choose to opt in or out of. This feature is called the Stock Lending Income Program. The program provides customers the ability to earn money on their fully paid stocks if they allow Webull to borrow them. Many platforms and brokerages do this behind the scenes and do not share in the earnings, however Webull is different.

When a brokerage borrows a stock, it is generally for another person that is shorting a stock. When shorting a stock, people borrow the stock from the investor, with the brokerage being the intermediary, and then they pay interest on the short position. Webull shares part of this interest with the person who owns the stock.

As this may seem confusing, it is a very safe program and Webull’s clearing firm even holds enough collateral to pay the owner if something were to happen to the shares. In addition, owners of shares can sell out of their position at any time, even if the shares are currently lent out.

Another unique feature of Webull is the community page that they have on the mobile application. The community page has three tabs called ‘Streams’, ‘Top News’, and ‘Watchlist’. The ‘Stream’ tab allows users to chat with other users on the platform under a specific ticker symbol. For example, if an investor is interested in Ford Motor Company, they may go to the $F ticker and see other users discussing the stock there. With commenting capabilities and a like/dislike function, users can pick up on overall sentiment of the certain stock.

Also, on the ‘Stream’ tab, there is an ‘Education Column’ which has different categories to choose from such as ‘Top 10 lists’, ‘Earnings’, and ‘Webull for beginners’ and allows users to read articles about the certain topics.

The ‘Top News’ tab is exactly what one would expect. They highlight some of the most popular financial news articles of the day from a variety of reputable news sources and certain blog posts as well. Some commonly found sources found on Webull ‘Top News’ include Reuters, Benzinga, SeekingAlpha, and Yahoo Finance to name a few.

The ‘Watchlist’ tab is very similar to the ‘Top News’ tab except for the fact that is only highlights articles that discuss things about stocks that an investor has put in their watchlist. This way, investors can get a more focused view on stocks that they are personally interested in rather than macroeconomic and large-scale financial news around the world.

Much like the ‘Education Column’ on the community page of Webull, Webull also has a help center. The help center provides a list of FAQs, ways to handle margin calls, account updates, and a few other features. The most unique feature is Webullpedia. Webullpedia has lessons on Investment Knowledge like stock market basics such as Dividends, Penny Stocks, ETFs, Stock Splits etc. It also has lessons on each feature that Webull offers to ensure all users understand how they work. Lastly, there are also features on account management and the data that they collect.

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WeBull Promotion Code Disclaimer

WeBull incentive offer details for opening a new brokerage or IRA account can change without notice at any time.

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