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Morningstar Socially Responsible Investing

A new method of analyzing how well the companies in a fund meet ESG criteria has been released by Morningstar. Called the Morningstar Sustainability Rating™, the score judges a fund based on how well the companies in its portfolio do on ESG criteria. The score is then used to compare the fund to its peers. This comparison is shown on a 5-point scale from high to low, similar to the analyst’s star rating.

More than 20,000 funds around the world now have been ranked by this evaluation. Besides looking at products and industries, like gambling, the scoring system also takes into consideration shareholder participation and company relations. Mutual funds that don’t have an explicit socially-responsible mandate are also graded by Morningstar’s rating.

Morningstar Socially Responsible Investing

One fund that has been ranked by this new scoring model is AVEMX. The Ave Maria Catholic Values Fund has over $200 million in assets and an expense ratio of 1.2%. It has a sustainability score of 45, which places it above average against its peers. Ave Maria’s score places it in the top 12% in its category.

About Morningstar Reports

For more than three decades, Morningstar has been publishing commentary on a wide range of investment products. Based in Chicago, the company has thousands of financial advisors in the United States and subsidiaries all around the world. Besides its famous mutual fund reports, the company also distributes information on stocks, ETFs, hedge funds, college savings plans, annuities, pension plans, unit investment trusts, and life insurance.

Due to Morningstar's independence from the products it writes about, the firm is able to comment objectively and make unbiased recommendations. Sometimes in the investment world, this situation does not always exist. For example, Schwab customers receive report cards on Schwab mutual funds that are written by Schwab. Obviously, this type of commentary may not be completely objective and always has the risk that the recommendations may be biased. By using a third-party, traders know that the voice is impartial.

Often a security such as a stock or fund will have ratings displayed on its Morningstar report. These ratings are a quick and easy way to gauge how the analyst feels about a particular asset. Morningstar has two ratings for a security. The first is the star rating, officially called the Morningstar Rating. This assess the past risk-adjusted performance of a security against its peers. It has a maximum of five stars. The other grade is the Morningstar Analyst Rating. This is a future prediction of how Morningstar experts think the asset will perform going forward. One grade is about the past, while the other is about the future. Like the star rating, the Analyst Rating has five possible ranks: gold, silver, bronze, neutral, and negative.

Some brokerage firms actually pull data from Morningstar when creating their own reports. This fact can be found by reading the fine print on the report. Brokers that do this include E*Trade, Schwab, Firstrade, and TD Ameritrade. Evidently, a lot of brokers trust the data provided by Morningstar. The analyst distributes a wealth of information on equities and funds, such as price history, any dividends paid, free cash flow, EPS over several years, revenue growth, operating income, and much more. It is important to have this information before making an investment decision.

Some of the information contained in a report can be found on Morningstar's website free of charge, although a pdf report presents the data in a format that's faster to read. Star ratings and the Morningstar Analyst Rating for a fund, if available, can be found on the company's website.

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