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Current offer code for TD Ameritrade: trade for FREE. TD Ameritrade offer codes to open new account (brokerage, ROTH IRA, SEP, or 401k rollover)

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$600 Offer Code For TD Ameritrade

The $600 TD Ameritrade offer has expired.

$600 TD Ameritrade Offer Code Details

On top of the free trades, TD Ameritrade is also offering cash bonuses for large deposits. A $25,000 initial deposit earns a $100 cash bonus, while $100,000 gets $300. A $250,000 deposit is worth $600, and a deposit of $500,000 captures $1,200. A million dollars or more receives the broker's largest bonus of $2,500.

The TD Ameritrade offer code expires on December 31, 2021. Customers have two months after opening an account to make the required deposit amounts. An individual, joint, or retirement account qualifies for the special. The free trades can be used to buy and sell stocks, options, and ETFs. The price of the option contract is extra, however. Assignments and exercises cost extra, as well.

This special would be a good opportunity for investors with a large amount of extra cash sitting around to earn a large bonus. The deposit amount could be invested in a money market fund or short-term bond fund, which would reduce investment risk.

TD Ameritrade Overview

With a recent reduction in its on-line commission, TD Ameritrade now offers brokerage account holders a great value in securities services. Besides low-cost stock trading, many other investment activities can be carried out in an Individual Retirement and taxable accounts with the broker. There are mutual funds and ETF’s that are completely free to trade, and the TD Ameritrade website has a great suite of educational materials for retirement savers and investors.

The broker’s IRA selection is larger than Motif Investing’s IRA offering. On the other hand, E*Trade has a larger selection, providing a OneStop Rollover, Beneficiary account, and a Complete IRA.

On the flip side, requiring a minimum balance to receive paper statements might be a turn off for some retirees. Fidelity customers receive free paper statements with no strings attached.

In addition to the great offer code TD Ameritrade now has new $0 equity commission, which is very competitive, and happens to be lower than USAA and WellsTrade. The broker also offers DRIP services at no cost.

On the other hand, TD Ameritrade’s $49.99 charge for transaction-fee funds is rather steep. E*Trade traders only pay $20, while WellsTrade charges $35. However, the broker offers over 4,200 mutual funds that can be purchased without any commission.

TD Ameritrade Offer Code


Overall, TD Ameritrade is competitive with most of its rivals. It outperforms in some areas and underperforms in others. For example, its commission-free ETF list (all) is bigger than Vanguard’s (1800+), but matches Firstrade’s (all).

Not imposing an annual IRA fee is a nice feature. Some brokers do charge a fee every year for retirement accounts. TradeStation customers, for example, must pay $35 per annum. Not charging to close an IRA is also generous. Merrill Edge traders must pay $49.95.

Other brokers don’t have the same level of retirement education that the TDA website boasts. Webull and Robinhood, for example, have much more limited information.

TD Ameritrade’s mutual fund collection is larger than some brokers (E*Trade has 9,071), but is smaller than others (USAA provides more than 15,000).

The broker’s robo-advisory account is more expensive than Ally Invests', but at the same level as Fidelity’s service.

TD Ameritrade Offer Code Disclaimer

TD Ameritrade offer code details for opening new brokerage or IRA account can change without notice.