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Ally Managed Portfolios Review

Ally Invest Managed Portfolios review, rating for 2019. Robo-investing cost, minimums, and IRA accounts. Ally Invest Managed Portfolios expenses. Is it good?


Investors who aren't confident with their own financial ability should take a look at this review of Ally Managed Portfolios. For a low fee, clients receive investment advice from securities professionals. The service costs less than traditional portfolio management without using the newer robo-advising method.

Ally Managed Portfolios Program

Investors who are interested in the portfolio management offered by Ally Managed Portfolios first complete a questionnaire that asks about investment objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, and other important factors. Based on the answers, the broker then constructs a portfolio of low-cost, passively-managed ETF's for the client's account. Trades in the account can only by placed by Ally Managed Portfolios. The exchange-traded funds selected by the broker have low expense ratios, which helps to keep costs down. The actual account is opened last, after the customer has approved of the model portfolio Ally Invest recommends. The broker regularly monitors a customer's account and rebalances it as needed. Customers can re-take the questionnaire again at any time. Alternatively, clients can simply call the broker to discuss their current investment profile and asset allocation.

Ally managed portfolios review

Account Types

Several different account types are available with the managed-portfolio service. On the non-retirement side, the broker offers trusts, and individual, joint, and custodial accounts. For retirement savers, there are Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE, Beneficiary (in both Traditional and Roth formats) and Rollover IRA's. A Coverdell education savings account is also available. All Ally Invest accounts, including advisory and self-directed accounts, can be accessed with one log-in, a convenient feature.


Ally Managed Portfolios creates and manages portfolios for just 0.25% of assets per year. The management fee is billed to an account monthly. There is a minimum fee of $12 per year. The firm also requires a $100 minimum deposit to begin an advisory relationship. The 0.25% management fee is much lower than the traditional 1.00% that has been the industry norm for decades. However, unlike most traditional managers, Ally Managed Portfolios does not offer financial planning services.

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There is no charge for purchases and sales of securities in a managed portfolio, which will certainly save money compared to a non-managed account. Also, additional deposits are invested into the same securities without any trading fees. The broker doesn't pass on SEC or FINRA trading fees, either.

There is no fee to set up an account with Ally Managed Portfolios. A taxable account has no closeout fee, while an IRA does have a $50 closure fee. This charge is assessed only if the full account is closed or transferred to a non-Ally Invest firm.

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Risk Assist®

Account holders who are concerned about steep declines in the stock market can sign up for the broker's optional Risk Assist plan. Doing so increases an account's management fee to 0.50%. Under this scheme, Ally Invest financial representatives monitor the equity market and a customer's account performance. If a steep drop occurs in the market and an account is negatively impacted, Ally Invest will sell equity ETF's and purchase bond ETF's. Customers are alerted when Risk Assist activates and deactivates.

Ally Invest says that Risk Assist only comes into effect when "a portfolio experiences sudden negative performance". One has to wonder if this is a wise investment policy. The broker will sell equity funds after the stock market has dropped. The goal of investing is to sell before the market drops. Presumably, Ally Invest will move an account's assets back to equity funds after the market has gone back up, another questionable strategy.

Ally Managed Portfolios review

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Customer Service

Ally Managed Portfolios clients can reach an agent during the week from 8 am to 6 pm, EST, by phone or on-line chat. The firm also has an e-mail address. The broker does not have weekend hours or branch locations. The firm does have a blog and newsletter that clients can follow. There is also a helpful FAQ on the broker's website that answers many questions.

Ally Managed Portfolios reviews

Ally Managed Portfolios Review Final Thoughts

Ally Invest (Ally Invest brokerage account review) has built an advisory firm that offers managed accounts to cost-conscious investors who might otherwise try to invest on their own. Despite its use of human advisors, the broker's fee is competitive with the fees of robo-managers, making Ally Managed Portfolios an attractive option.

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Ally Managed Portfolios reviewed by Rating: 4.5