Does Webull have Managed Accounts

Webull Robo-Advisor. Does Webull Offer Managed Accounts?

Does Webull Offer Robo-Advisor and Managed Accounts?

Webull has an impressive selection of great features such as crypto trading, $0 commissions on options, paper trading, and free stocks for signing up. However, Webull does not offer a robo-advisor service or any managed accounts at this time. For robo-advisor, we recommend the banking giant Chase's J.P. Morgan account. For managed account, take a look at their Private Client solutions.

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Advantages of the Robo Advisors

Despite the hazards that seem to be inherent in the computerized investment model, there are certain advantages that are attracting a lot of attention. First, there is a significant cost savings over the traditional method. This price difference has allowed small investors who otherwise would not have the funds to hire a more expensive money manager to utilize a robo-advisory service.

Robo-advisory services also usually charge no commissions for the trades they place. This could save a single account hundreds or even thousands of dollars over its lifetime.

The computer algorithms that make investment decisions can be programmed to learn from market movements and trading choices. Over time, these learning experiences can make the programs more accurate and better predictors of securities markets.

The pricing schedule of most robo-advisors is typically much simpler than the fee schedule that the majority of traditional advisors use. The ease and simplicity of the computerized system will definitely appeal to many investors.

The Robot Against the Human

Raymond James is a traditional full-service brokerage firm that has actual people who manage accounts and assist clients plan for retirement and education expenses. The firm charges 1.0% to 2.25% just for portfolio management. Commissions are extra, as are financial planning and general consulting.

One rare middle ground between the new and old methods of portfolio management is a service offered by Ally Robo Portfolios. The company charges a very low 0.25% for its investment advisory service, which is in line with what most robo-advisors charge. However, Ally Invest doesn't use a computer program to manage accounts. Remarkably, it uses human money managers to buy and sell low-cost ETFs.

Webull Robo Advisor Summary

While many investors still don't trust a computerized trading system enough to hand over their life savings, the low cost of the service is certainly attractive. Many customers are happy with their investments in the best robo advisor companies listed above.

Updated on 1/31/2023.

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