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TD Ameritrade Complaints (2023)

TD Ameritrade complaints and reviews for 2023. TD Ameritrade problems with brokerage fees and trading platform; website issues.

TD Ameritrade Complaints Overview

TD Ameritrade offers a wide range of securities services, but nevertheless receives complaints and problem reports in some areas. This article will explore TD Ameritrade problems and see if other brokerage firms do better.

TD Ameritrade Complaints

While the broker's advanced desktop platform, thinkorswim, has received compliments for some of its strong points, a number of customers have complained that it can be more buggy than other software programs. In a test, it took one minute and 28 seconds to load thinkorswim on Windows 10, while Schwab's platform took just 43 seconds.

Traders have complained that TD Ameritrade three separate mobile apps are somewhat cumbersome, compared to having just one. A thinkorswim app is designed with charting and trading in mind. A Mobile Trader version is very similar. A basic app provides funds transfer, account statements, and mobile check deposit. It would be more convenient to combine the three apps into one. Also, thinkorswim and Mobile Trader offer live streaming of CNBC, but only in standard definition. The Fidelity app, by contrast, has live streaming of Bloomberg in HD.

Despite TD Ameritrade's notoriety for its technical tools, it does not have an app for Apple TV. Fidelity traders do have access to this nice feature.

Checking account features can be added to a securities account at TD Ameritrade. However, the broker does not provide savings accounts. It also does not offer mortgage loans. Merrill Edge brokerage customers have access to both.

Website charting with TD Ameritrade only has 33 technical studies. By comparison, Ally Invest's web-based graphing software provides roughly 90. Trendlines are available, but the frequently used Fibonacci retracements are not.

While TD Ameritrade does offer margin accounts, its loan rates tend to be on the high side. Currently, a margin debit of $10,000 or under costs 14.75%. Robinhood charges just 8%.

While broker-assisted trades are available at TD Ameritrade, the firm does charge a very steep price for them — $25.

Trading a non-NTF mutual fund at TD Ameritrade costs $49.99 on both the sell and buy sides. By contrast, WellsTrade customers pay $35 for non-NTF funds, Firstrade charges $0.

TD Ameritrade Complaints

And the last TD Ameritrade complaint: while the broker offers customer service over the phone, it does not have an on-line chat service. This absence stands out as a lapse when several other firms, including Ally Invest and Firstrade, do offer on-line customer service.

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TD Ameritrade Bullish Signs

Even though TD Ameritrade clients do have some grievances, the company manages to bring a lot to the table. For example:

$0 commission stock and ETF trades. It doesn't get any better!

Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the phone. Vanguard does not have 24/7 service, by contrast. TD Ameritrade clients can also find an associate at one of the company's local branches. Currently, there are more than 450+ locations throughout the United States.

TD Ameritrade offers one of the best selections of technology of any on-line discount broker. There is highest rated trading platform in the industry - thinkorswim. It has very advanced charting tools and 400 technical studies. thinkorswim, both in desktop and mobile versions, has paper trading capability. Most other brokers, including Fidelity and Schwab, don't offer this useful feature.

There is no opening deposit requirement for a brokerage account with TD Ameritrade. This policy allows traders to open an account with no money down and try out the broker's technology. Even better, there are no account maintenance or closeout fees.

Over 13,000 mutual funds are open to new investors. By comparison, E*Trade, Schwab, and Merrill Edge offer fewer.

4,200 mutual funds at TD Ameritrade can be traded without paying a commission. This is more than at almost all other brokers.

Futures and forex are both available at TD Ameritrade. Most other securities brokers don't offer these products.

TD Ameritrade Complaints Summary

Investors at TD Ameritrade complain mostly about the broker's mutual funds commissions. But they definitely get a lot of valuable services in return which other brokers either don't offer or charge additional fees. TD Ameritrade is an Audi of investing world and the price on mutual funds reflects the quality.

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