Charles Schwab Instant Deposit (Express Funding)

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How do Brokerage Deposits Happen?

Market volatility is wild these days. Every day feels like the market could swing to either extreme, with no warning or indication of what direction it may go in. Those swings are substantial, too. Don’t take our word for it – look at this average true range (ATR) charge for the S&P 500 over the past year. If you aren’t sure how to interpret an ATR, remember that a lower number generally indicates lower volatility. A higher number means more volatility (determined by price swings and open vs. closing prices).

An ATR consistently above the median backs up the general investor's feeling that volatility reigns supreme in today’s market economy. This may be frustrating for many, especially those who came into stock trading over the past few years’ bull market. But, while extreme volatility and falling stocks can represent real pain for inexperienced investors, it also represents real opportunity: buying the dip and dollar-cost-averaging. Sometimes, though, you may not have enough cash in your brokerage to quickly take advantage of stocks on sale. Luckily, Schwab has a solution for investors hunting for bargains.

schwab instant deposit

Although it may seem like it can be instantaneous with digital banking, money is not immediately transferred from your bank account to your brokerage when you initiate a deposit. Instead, money goes through clearing or settlement. This process entails your brokerage through an automated process:

1. Asking your bank whether you have the cash available.
2. Requesting that amount transfer from your bank to the brokerage.
3. Verifying the transfer and making money available.

Even with the speed of the Internet, this process can take 3-5 business days to curb fraud. This is hardly fast enough for an investor trying to snatch up a sale or buy the dip. This is where Schwab’s instant deposits come into play.

Schwab Instant Deposits

An instant deposit can be considered an interest-free, short-term loan from your brokerage. As a trusted customer, Schwab believes you when you “say” you have a certain amount of cash in your bank account available to transfer and deposit.

So, instead of making you wait 3-5 days for the funds to settle, Schwab loans you the money to trade immediately while the brokerage and bank communicate in the background. It feels like you’re using your own money since the exact amount is deposited instantly and deducted from your bank in a few. This isn’t the case, though; instant deposits represent a bond of trust between you and Schwab.

Note – not all accounts are eligible for an instant deposit, and you may have to wait the entire settlement period for new accounts while they validate information like your account and routing numbers. The best ways to facilitate instant deposit are by:

- Opening a Schwab checking account so the transfer information exchange is done “in-house.”

- Use mobile deposit to deposit checks from your phone directly to your Schwab brokerage.

If you do have an established brokerage account linked to an external bank account, though, it’s easy.

Using Instant Deposit with Schwab

First, navigate to the Online Transfer tab on your main homepage. Since this is a cash transaction, select Cash Only and then select the From account (your checking or savings) and To account (Schwab brokerage account). Then pick the amount of money to transfer.

schwab express deposit

You’ll then review and confirm the transaction.

schwab instant deposit

It’s that easy! Schwab’s loaned you the $100 while they and your bank communicate settlement, and you can buy the dip on a falling stock.

Some Notes

As we said, newer accounts may not be permitted to access instant deposits, and the best way to ensure you can deposit instantly is to open a Schwab checking account or use a mobile deposit.

There are some other things to be aware of:

1. As the above screenshot says, you can trade with the cash quickly after it’s deposited, but you won’t be able to withdraw or remove it until three days after it’s received. You can’t pull that $100 out until settlement occurs and not three days after it’s instantly deposited, so you may have to wait a week or more until it can be removed.

2. Sometimes, the instant deposit is unavailable during non-business hours like weekends or overnight. You can still submit the transfer request; if eligible, it will execute at or right before the market opens on the next business day.

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Charles Schwab Instant Deposit Conclusion

Using Schwab’s instant deposit is a great way to take advantage of market volatility and snag some long-term holds on the cheap. Make sure to use instant deposit responsibly, however. Aside from fraudulent use, like requesting money you don’t have in checking to trade with and waiting until settlement catches you, it may be tempting to keep averaging down and adding money.

If you feel yourself losing control and adding cash multiple times a day, it may be time to step back and examine your strategy! Still, technology has already brought trading and investing to the average citizen, and instant deposit makes timing the market even easier for us non-professional stock enthusiasts.

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