TD Ameritrade Instant Deposit / Express Funding (2024)

TD Ameritrade instant deposit time, options, and limit. TD Ameritrade express funding, uncleared deposits. How long does it take?

TD Ameritrade Is Discontinued

Charles Schwab has acquired TD Ameritrade and discontinued it. Please read our detailed Charles Schwab Review or Charles Schwab Instant Deposit articles.

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TD Ameritrade Express Funding

Being able to fund your investment account quickly and easily is a feature that is often overlooked when picking a broker to use. TD Ameritrade checks this box by offering several ways to fund a new or existing account. We are going to break down the details of each way.

Instantly Fund a TD Ameritrade Account with a Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are the quickest way to get money into your TD Ameritrade account. A wire transfer is typically received into your account within one to two hours of being initiated by the sending party. Unlike some brokers, TD Ameritrade doesn’t charge any fees for incoming wire transfers. However, be aware that some banks, or brokers, do charge fees to send wire transfers.

TD Ameritrade Instant Deposit

There is no maximum dollar limit for depositing a wire transfer. An important benefit of depositing via wire transfer is that the funds are cleared as soon as they hit your TD Ameritrade account. This means that TD Ameritrade doesn’t impose any restrictions on using the money for trading. You are allowed to trade any securities you want right away with the funds from a wire.

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Funding a TD Ameritrade Account with an ACH Transfer

An ACH transfer, also known as an EFT transfer, is the most common way used for funding and this is the type of transfer that most people think of when talking about a bank transfer. ACH transfers typically don’t have fees involved from the sending party and TD Ameritrade doesn’t charge any fees to receive an ACH transfer. TD Ameritrade has a daily deposit limit of $250,000 for ACH transfers.

Another downside of using an ACH transfer is that the funds don’t clear right away. Funds from an ACH can take up to four business days to clear, depending on the size of the transfer and other factors. The good news is that, regardless of how long it takes for the funds to clear, TD Ameritrade credits the funds to your account immediately and allows you to trade most securities with the funds.

However, TD Ameritrade doesn’t allow you to use uncleared ACH funds to purchase options and most stocks under $5 per share. For larger dollar amount ACH transfers, TD Ameritrade may not allow you to use the funds for trading at all until the funds clear.

Funding a TD Ameritrade Account with a Check Deposit

You can of course fund your TD Ameritrade account with the classic method of depositing a check. You can use their mobile app to take a picture of your check and deposit it digitally or send them a check in the mail. There are no fees for check deposits. Checks can take up to 5 business days to clear with TD Ameritrade.

Uncleared check deposit funds have the same trading restrictions as uncleared ACH transfer funds. There is no dollar limit for depositing a check via mail, but there is a maximum dollar limit for a mobile check deposit and it’s different for each person so, you have to check your account to see yours.

Funding a TD Ameritrade Account with an Existing Investment Account

If you already have an existing investment account with a different broker, you can have TD Ameritrade request to transfer your existing account. You can request the transfer yourself through TD Ameritrade’s website or have them help you by contacting them. TD Ameritrade doesn’t charge any fees for the transfer of an existing account.

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TD Ameritrade Instant Deposit Conclusion

No matter where your assets are currently held, TD Ameritrade has a solution for you to get your money into your account with them. If you have any questions about any of these transfer methods, contact TD Ameritrade’s customer service team for help.

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