Transfer Webull Stocks to Fidelity

Transfer Fidelity Account to Webull OR Vice Versa in 2022

Instructions on how to move Fidelity stocks to Webull or vice versa: ETFs, IRA, brokerage assets, and money in 2022. How much is a transfer fee and how long does it take.

How to Move a Brokerage Account From Fidelity to Webull or Vice Versa

If you have an investment account at Fidelity Investments and want to move it to Webull, or vice versa, keep reading. We’ll show you all the steps you need to take to get your assets to where you want them to be.

Moving from Fidelity to Webull

If you want to move a Fidelity account to Webull (perhaps for the latter broker’s cryptocurrency service, paper trading, or lower margin rates), you’ll want to head over to Webull. For brokerage account transfers, everything is handled on the receiving end.

Fidelity does not charge any fees for outgoing transfers, and Webull charges nothing for incoming accounts; so moving from Fidelity to Webull won’t cost you a dime.

However, there are several account types at Fidelity that Webull doesn’t support. You won’t be able to transfer a 529 plan, business account, Minor IRA, Inherited IRA, Health Savings Account, trust, estate, solo 401k plan, or managed account.

Moreover, there are several securities that Fidelity offers that Webull doesn’t. These include mutual funds, fixed-income securities, and over-the-counter assets. If any of these investments are in your Fidelity account, Webull will reject the transfer. So you’ll definitely want to sell them before attempting a full account transfer.

Webull does permit partial transfers. So you could specify only certain securities to be transferred. This method would help to avoid any snags if you have non-transferable assets in your Fidelity account. Webull does have a $500 minimum transfer amount.

To start a transfer, either partial or full, you first need to open a Webull account. The broker-dealer currently offers Roth and Traditional IRAs. On the taxable side, cash and margin accounts are available. To open an account, click on Webull's promotion offer: Receive 12 FREE stocks valued up to valued up to $30,600. Then click on the "Open Account" button. This will give you the account opening page.

Once you have your Webull account open, log into the app and tap on the bull’s horns at the bottom of the screen.

Transfer stocks to Webull

Next, in the top menu tap Transfers and then tap on the Transfer Stocks into Webull icon.

Transfer stocks to Webull

Here, you’ll be presented with several icons of several prominent brokers, one of which is Fidelity. Tap on Fidelity, and you’ll get a transfer form to fill out.

Make sure you enter your Fidelity account number correctly. The name listed on the Fidelity account must be the same as the name on the Webull account.

If you need any assistance during the transfer, shoot an email to Webull’s customer support team:

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Moving from Webull to Fidelity

To go in the other direction, you’ll do all the work at Fidelity. Most of the steps will be the same, although there are some important differences.

First, although Fidelity doesn’t charge anything for incoming ACAT transfers, Webull does charge $75 for an outgoing transfer. If you want to avoid this fee, you could liquidate your holdings and transfer the resulting cash position to a bank account and then move the funds from the bank to Fidelity via the Automated Clearing House network.

If you do decide to pay the $75, you’ll want to login to your Fidelity account. This time, you’ll want to use the website. At the top of the site, you’ll see an “Accounts & Trade” menu. Click on this and select “Transfer” from the drop-down list.

Transfer Webull stocks to Fidelity

On the next page, you’ll be presented with several transfer options. Under “Transfer your assets to Fidelity” you’ll see a blue button that says “Learn About Transferring Assets.” Click on this.

On the next page, you’ll be presented with Fidelity’s online ACAT form. You’ll need your Webull account statement to complete the process.

On Fidelity’s transfer page, there is a list of FAQs about account transfers. There’s also a chatbot in case you have any questions.


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